Imagine a city. Build it in your mind. Start small, then go big.

The tall skyscrapers, glass and concrete, the shade they’re throwing,

The dirty gutters, the stench of cars, the smell of fast food.

Imagine the rules and laws (you know them well), and those living by them (just like you).

How they look, and how they act. Walking fast, eyes to the ground, wearing suites, with big problems on their minds.

Now please, if you’re done, imagine, just imagine how it burns.

Spectacular. Godly. Isn’t it ecstatic?

Feel the heat of flames dancing upon it. Kissing its every corner and knack with red lips, swallowing everything. Leaving darkness and sadness.

Now look at me, and listen.

YOU are the city. I’ll burn you to the ground… And you’ll love it.